Communication Submission Period Start: 1/Jul/2024

Communication Submission Deadline: 30/Sep/2024

Acceptance Notification for Communications: 15/Oct/2024

Until July 1st, 2024, the submission of communication will not be opened.

Necessary Information for the Submission of Communications

For submitting a communication, the following information should be provided in the previously indicated form:

  1. Information:
    Name, surname(s), affiliation and contact information.
  2. Title and Abstract in English.
  3. Area:
    The area to which the submission belongs.
  4. Related Session:
    If possible, any parallel session were the submission could fit in.
  5. MSC Codes:
    Each submission should have a primary MSC 2020 code, and up to three secondary ones.
  6. Format:
    The submission can be made as a contributed talk or as a poster. Moreover, it is possible to leave the choice to the Scientific Committee.
  7. Conference Period:
    The presenter should indicate if E prefers the first or second half of the conference. In the case of posters, it possible to choose both halves.

Selections of Communications

The Scientific Committee will evaluate the received submissions and will make a selection. Among the selected ones, the committee will indicate which communications will take the form of a talk and which ones in the form of a poster.

Scheduling of the Contributed Talks

For allowing contributed talks, the Scientific Committee will stablish contributed sessions for these kind of talks. Additionally, the Scientific Committee can actively propose to add some of the contributed talks to an existing parallel session.

Translation Note

In the case of any disagreement between the English version of this call and the original Spanish one, the text of the Spanish one has primacy.